Advertising network for Georgia, Thailand and...

Anyone can suggest me a network that has a good fill rates for countried in the mid-east and africa?

One of my game has been quite succesful in those countries lately, but admob is not serving any ads in most of them. I tried also their partner adfalcon which, supposedly should have had a specific targeting for those regions and i had the same results of 0-4% fill rates.

The countries i am talking about are (in parenthesis the fill rates i am getting from admob right now):

  • Iraq (25%)
  • Azerbaigian (13%)
  • Georgia(15%)
  • Thailand (23%)
  • Iran (5%)
  • and then others like: Libia, Macedonia, Albany…

I know the eCPM there is not that high anyway, so i am probably not losing too much, but i would like to find a network that could cover also those countries to maximize my revenue (i am also going pretty well in russia and ukraine but, despite the good fill rates from admob, the eCPM and CTR is pretty low there too so maybe there are networks with more specific ads for those countries) :slight_smile:

Hi Dariobrun,

If you are using 3rd party android markets, I would like to suggest the Airpush Bundle 2 SDK. It pays only on the install and user EULA (end user license agreement) opt in wide, at up to $0.05 per new user, being a $50 eCPM.

For Google Play, our Bundle 1 SDK includes a pay per download at $0.002 per new international user install and EULA opt in, along with CPMs from our banner and smart wall ads. We have inventory available for those countries you listed with strong CPMs, averaging $2-4+ for all of the ad units.

Our SDK also includes call back listeners for ads, so if we are unable to fill an ad request, you can cascade down to another network.

Please let me know if you would like to test his out.


thank you for your answer nick, i was already checking out your network as one of the possible choice to try, even though i am a bit scared about showing an eula at startup…i fear it can scare people away thinking there is something strange in the app since it is not very usual to have to sign in an eula for playing a game

Try mobileCore, appnext or Startapp, they are reliable, and offer solid fill rate.

Remember that StartApp SDK is getting flagged as adware recently by various anti virus apps so be prepared for some negative reviews

First of all, thanks for atll the answers.
I was thinking of trying appflood (tried appnext in my first app and had a 0.5$ eCPM with their interstitials, so for now i’ll wait before trying them again, avoiding for now startapp for the problem mentioned by javaexp and waiting with mobilecore cause i have some problems in implementing the admob adapter for mediation in unity :D)…anyone has any experience with them?

Hi Dariobrun,

Thanks for the feedback. I do understand the concern of having the EULA appear, but it is for Google Play ad policy compliance, and for transparency to your users on the data being used to serve ads. Out of all of the apps integrated with us, we have never seen any negative comments in app review on the EULA showing.

I hope you will be able to give us a try.

Airpush Nick

NOTIFY has great fill rate in those GEOs. Let me know if you need help or have more questions regarding our services.

Mobvista, I think you can have a try of Mobvista, they have good advertisements in the above countries you list.

Mobilecore, Notify, and Airpush are good for these GEOs. Mobilecore is solid as always. Notify has had its ups and downs but has been impressive as of lately and seems to be stabile now. Airpush’s PPD model pays handsomely, but there are drawbacks too like having to wait a while to get paid you on the installs and the EULA opt-in. All three offer decent CPM in these geos.

Thanks to everyone that has given me his opionion!

Sadly for me, though, it seems it will not be necessary anymore to try to implement new networks since, for mysterious reasons, after days with 900+ downloads and after entering the top500 racing charts in 12 different nations, all of a sudden, in a matter of 2 days, my app completely died…and now gets 60-70 daily downloads…i will never understand how the hell it works…every time i have an app growing and going up the charts, 1-2 days after entering them, it collapses and die…it is the 2nd time happening to 2 different apps out of 5 i made…both times the exactly same behaviour…download spikes for few days, enter the charts (and supposedly you should expect more downloads thanks to the increased visibility) and then app’s death 2 days later