Advertising android beginner, introduce advertising please.


Let’s make it clear, I have no clue about advertising.
I have a few applications that are currently not on google play (They were made in the name of science and learning)…and as I found this forum I have drawn a conclusion that I could make some money of them.

Now, it has come to my attention that eCPM is something I should be targeting…so i went ahead and studied formula

and it goes eCPM = total_earnings/total_impressions * 1000;

1.question: what is total earnings, and total impressions?
If your advice to me is to google thease things I beg of you to keep it to yourself, because " total earning " is too general form to Google, and my apps will be free when i put them so general earning looses it’s meaning even more.

  • And all the sites are full of lies.

2.question: what is Pay Per Install
Do I get paid because user downloaded my Application(and AD-company’s SDK iside) or do I get paid only if they INSTALL application that is being advertised?

3.question: If I install pop-up window in screen (that can’t be avoided) do i make more money…or do i only get paid if user clicks on add.

It is my opinion that in the world full of spamm and anonying commercial lies and tricks, not many people click on adds. And I don’t even bother with thinking that someone might install advertised app.

Thank you for any advice or answer, shed some light.

With respect, Febolinjo.

Welcome Febolinjo,

I don’t know exactly how does it work, but eCPM says how much will you earn for each 1k impressions. eCPM is based on some variables, so it may vary during the day, like demographic from users, advertisers paying high, CTR (Click Through Rate), etc.

Believe me, they do click and install stuff, I was thinking just like you. And as you said, try to avoid spamming the user, choose the correct location and ad network (you will probably spend sometime doing this) that will work good for you, and here we are to help each other.

Good luck

eCPM isn’t really something you can target.
You can experiment with different ad networks to see which gives you the best results with each of your apps, but that’s about it.
If you have bad ad placements then you’re probably going to see worse eCPMs, but placements are pretty simple to get right.

eCPM is just a measure of how well your traffic is performing. You get higher eCPMs for traffic that converts well for advertisers, with this directly being valued upon by the geographical location of said traffic sources.
The U.S has the best overall eCPMs, followed by U.K/EU, followed by the rest of the world.

I find it to be very hard to wrap all these terms and techniques together. First of all, all the info seems to be different on various sites and videos & comments are mostly fake…after all it is a Comercial company, couldn’t ecpect more.
It’s like nobody normal knows what’s what and how to earn some $$, only managers with lies and fake promises who want to reference you to their ad Network so they could earn money off you.

So I experimented with One of my apps. As I didn’t want to embarrass my Google Account I asked my friend to put the app on his site (he just put my .apk on his blog as link), and experiment has resulted with 600 Impressions and 0 downloads (I would be grateful if someone could say downloads of what exactly).
And eCPM & Ravenue are ofcourse 0 :\

Are Impressions standalone enough to get $$ ?

I’m using the StartApp network. Did I do something wrong in the code or the application must be on GooglePlay?

Sure there are plenty of ad networks willing to lie in your face just to get your traffic in their side. Downloads (or let’s say “installs”) of the application in the banner for example. From 47k impressions from one of my placements, I had 45 installs, almost 1 install every 1k impressions. So it’s easy to have 600 impressions and don’t have any install/download. Your application doesn’t have to be in the Google Play Store.

Depend on the type of campaign, but most of them are paying for install. And as @A1ka1inE said, depending on the location of the user, they will pay you more or less for that install, being U.S one of the most expensive.

I’ve sent a few question to startApp few days ago, sitll no response.

now my Application has 3,000 Impressions and eCPM & Revenue are still ZERO.
I guess that means that you don’t get paid by Impressions standalone and on their site is pointed out differently, but I guess that’s all one big market trick.

It seems to me like there will be no ads in my apps :smiley:

Hi, I’d like to answer your questions.
Q: what is total earnings, and total impressions?
A:Total earnings mean how much you earned. It’s your total revenue. Total impressions mean how many times the ads have been shown. Say, the daily impression is 10,000, you get 50 install for CPI(cost per install) $2.0, your total revenue should be 502=100, eCPM=100/10,0001000=10. eCPM is a way to measure your revenue when you have a stable daily impression. Higher eCPM usually means higher revenue.

Q: what is Pay Per Install
Do I get paid because user downloaded my Application(and AD-company’s SDK iside) or do I get paid only if they INSTALL application that is being advertised?
A: Pay per install is usually called CPI. It means user download the app and also OPEN it. If you want to get paied by showing the ads, which is an impression, you should look for CPM offer.

Q: If I install pop-up window in screen (that can’t be avoided) do i make more money…or do i only get paid if user clicks on add.
A: Pop-up window usually will get higher eCPM compared with banner. Get paid by clicks is CPC(cost per click). It depends on the ad network you are working with. But most of the ad network are using CPI(cost per install).

You can contact me on skype if you have more question. I’d be happy to answer your questions :slight_smile:
my skype id: helen.gong7

It could just be that your audience isn’t a good match for StartApp ads. Like most popular networks they mainly run app/game ads. In some cases these ad types don’t work with some apps.
You might see better results with a network like Admob.

In any case, I don’t know where you got the idea that you got paid on an impression basis. That sort of deal is generally reserved for developers who can provide a very large scale level of traffic and isn’t a smart way for networks to pay in general. eCPMs vary throughout the year for many reasons and as developers, we often just have to accept that.

What are you referring to here?

on their site is pointed out differently, but I guess that’s all one big market trick.

In startApps FAQ is stated " … we pay you a substantial part of what we are earning from advertisers in return for the ads shown in your application. The more times they are shown and the higher the interaction from your users – the more money you will earn. "

Thanks for info everyone. It was really insightful.
My conclusion is that putting ads in my app would be a big mistake.

Impressions do not make you money. So you would need to get users accidently hit advertisment (Would you even get paid for that?) or should you go further? in which case you somehow have to make user install some new advertised app which are mostly games. That’s just user harassment and I don’t want to do that.

Anyways, if ever in the future I meet someone with problems of advertising I shall link him this Community, you guys are really fast and helpful. And this whole Add networking is very interesting, but it makes me wonder how much clicks / Impressions would you need to make 10$.

With 36k impressions and 2,642 clicks in one ad located on exit (onBackPressed) that is the worst place, I’m making $10 with appnext.

Showing ad on first load of the application, will make this money burst (user don’t really complain, they know that it’s a free app) I didn’t like the idea before, but tested it and results were more than great (can’t really compare since I’m showing on load ad from mobilecore, but I’m doing some changes now to be able to change this from a web service).

Good luck and don’t give up.

1.Total Earning: Mostly, It is the sum of all ad type.
2.PPD: You will get revenue for every user download/install your app (Just like Startapp). But some ad network like Airpush need your user to agree the term before get revenue. They call it End-User License Agreement or EULA. Just to prevent your app being banned to market.
3. pop-up window that can’t be avoided is prohibited according to Google Policy.


If your app is a game and have in-app purchase. I suggest to use some incentitize ad network like Tapjoy. Incentive ads means the user will get some in-app product bonus from installing or giving information to the ads. (Example. Watch this video to use free Resurrection Potion.)

Apps must not encourage, incentivize, or mislead users into removing or disabling third-party apps except as part of a security service provided by the app.
Developers must not attempt to change the placement of any Product in the Store, or manipulate any product ratings or reviews by unauthorized means such as fraudulent installs, paid or fake reviews or ratings, or by offering incentives to rate products.

If your app is plain free app.
and have a lot of US user. Use Startapp or Airpush. Thanks

Tnx for your post, but i think download/install of advertised app(not mine)

basicaly It’s all bull-shit newtorks.

everyone keeps talking about these silly eCPM CPM CR and who knows what other silly bunch of letters that mean pretty much nothing. Those messy letters seem to explain everything without explaining anything.

If I tell you that some application has

8000 impressions, 20 installs and 2000 clicks and I challenge anyone who’s reading this to calculate the amount of money that application has earned I doubt anyone would be able to.:confused:

Hahha I’d be frustrated in your place too man…
But (mostly) everything you stated here is absolutely true… I was tryin’ to calculate the amount of money that example of yours would give out. But there’s no way that can be done, not one single f*** network gives you the amount of information that would satisfy the needs to calculate. If they would give enough info probably nobody would go into this buzznes anyway rofl.

I even bet all post inhere and this theme included will be locked, and eventually deleted.

But what you’d expect It’s how they turn money. If a Developer pays network to put his app on their adds and pays them some amount of money, the >70% goes to them and the rest goes to those who click…money keeps spining, most of it stays in networks’ bank account, and tomorow is a new day, sun will come up and everytihn’ will be just fine.

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to help with these questions as well.

With Airpush, we have multiple SDKs available depending on which market you want to use. For Google Play, our Bundle 1 SDK includes ourpay per install / download ad type, where you can earn up to $0.02 for new USA user install of your app on their device and EULA (End user license agreement) opt in, along with our in app display banners and smart wall ads paying on an impression CPM basis. We have another SDK that pays a flat rate of $0.05 worldwide for 3rd party app markets. We have an SDK version for Google Play that does not includes the pay per download option as well.

Our ads pay on an impression basis, so for your pop up screen question, you would earn revenue for each impression on the ad.

Don’t forget that there are numerous other 3rd party sites you can places your apps earn to gain additional downloads, which are all normally free.

Airpush Nick

PM me if you have any other questions.

Here’s a link to my Impressions(startApp), and total earnings was 0.4 $$ - Are you saying it would be different with you ?

…ofcourse I removed any trace of ads from my application.
I think that ads are disgrace to any developer and it makes me very sad that they have such leverage in this world.

a little offtopic, but when I think about all bad that advertising has done It makes me wonder how is it that It can still be everywhere. All big buildings filled with posters of nothing, transportation full of comercials that noone looks at. I don’t think anyone would buy shampoo just because it’s advertised on a bus. And people no longer watch TV because commercial brakes are 15 minutes long and occupy half of a movie. But that’s the way it is, it would be so much better if it was all “clean” or the space they use in the real could be used for something useful, something that would do people good. Now you think there’s no such thing, well I’ve been with a team doing research where we found out that many people don’t know where china is on a map of the world. And it’s very sad that some people don’t know when did the World War II took place… Not saying that it really matters, but if there was LCD near road saying " Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war " signed by the Founder of america John Adams, people might ask them self why did the president said that on that particular day.

I’m not going to post anything more in this thread because it served It’s purpose for my needs, thank you all and goodbye.

Just to answer your question about Airpush, you would be paid per each user impression on the ads. Depending on the country of the users, with just banner ads, your earnings would be higher with us. We also offer the pay per install ad types I previously mentioned. Hope you will try ads again.


This thread only served to show that you are an idiot who thinks your stupidity is the responsibility of others. You are
a whiner who thinks spouting leftist bullshit makes one wise. Just look at your rant. You hate commercialism, you want everything
clean, yet you are on a forum that is about making money, with your dubious agenda. You are a hypocrite just like every
leftist under the sun.

You could not even perform simple calculations. I saw your thread on the very first day itself but
did not reply, because you are an idiot who is arrogant and revels in his stupidity. But this leftist
bullshit you started spouting and started to act like a stereotypical leftist “intellectual”,
forced me to write this.

because you are an idiot who is arrogant and revels in his stupidity

That was EXACTLY my mind from the beginning of this thread !

The guy is not ok with the Ad business not because of philosophical way of thinking but only because his apps cannot make him enough money…

Does he think all the business are deterministic ?
When you want to sell a product, most of the time you won’t be able to say before you start how many you will sell…

Ads are dirty ? Create in-app paying to remove them and I can bet that less than 5% of the users will pay.

Are you retarded ? Same old leftist bullshit. You take your Agitprop elsewhere. May be light a candle or two for terrorists and other scums. If the developer gets 70% for every 100% he spends, how is that money spinning you fool ?

Also you are retarded enough to create two accounts to do your agitprop. By the way, I guess “retarded” is not PC according to your bullshit lefty standards right?

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