advertise with our newly created video social network.


I’m a Viner on the video social media network Vine. Me and a couple of other viners bought a 3D unity endless runner game and reskinned it to our preference, which the characters include… Kingbach, Max Jr, Buster beans, klarity and so on… with all of these characters making a total of 15mill followers on the social media app Vine. we tried out this app as our first app ever, things went great but unfortunately all of us have evolved past it and we’re now working on our own social media website.

firstly, id like to come here and say i am selling both 3D unity endless runner game IOS+ANDROID unlimited code + picture framing collage app for $99.

and with a purchase, id like to give whoever buys it a spot to be able to advertise through our website once its published.

Secondly, we are also looking to partner up with anyone who knows how to make a website, design, marketing or anything related to the creation of a video social network.

If you have any questions regarding our website, pictures of any app, or anything at all please feel free to PM me.