[Adventure Game][Free Download] 4x4 Supply Mania Gasoline Tank

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After the massive success of “Supply Mania Hills”, which got over 500,000 downloads in a single month. We are launching this second part of Supply Mania because thousands of users have requested personally through mail. Everyone Thank you so much for your support.
About this Specific Part:
Only real Off-road fans going to love this game.
Two type of Game-play cameras are given. One is Dynamic Camera which is mostly going to use by pros, Other one is Follow up Camera. You can switch between Cameras by tapping the camera icon button on middle right.
Tip : Drive slowly and carefully, Use of handbrake all the time which can be active by single tap and hold on down arrow key.
“Supply Mania” is about delivering products to required places under any kind of circumstances. “Supply Mania” doesn’t care about any weather conditions, hardships and difficult paths. In this particular title . Player has to deliver a Gasoline Tank to airplane at top of the cliff.
An Airplane lost all its fuel during its important mission. Now your mission is drive this new model tractor along highly flammable Gasoline Tanker to high cliff on dangerous paths.
BGI turbocharger is installed in a high compression tractor’s engine.
RealTime physics system is used.
Dual Camera Function
Difficult ways
Smoke simulations
Tow truck physics
Heavy load balancing
Boost button functionality
Simulation of real sound effects

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