Adsnik Media - Premium CPM Network (Official Thread)

Adsnik Media is a next generation CPM ad network working with powerful ad servers on the cloud. We have been working with a lot of web display traffic internally and with our demand growing for mobile, we felt it was high time to go public for mobile app and mobile web traffic.

We’d like to invite all publishers to “try” Adsnik Media.

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Come on, if we said that we’re the best, would you believe us right off the bat? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t. Give us a test and see for yourself as to how much we can add to your bottomline.

Some words from our partners: (more coming soon)

HellBoundBloggers - Adsnik

Connected to 150+ exchanges

Yes, you read that right. In addition to internal advertisers, we are connected to 150+ exchanges on both web and mobile. This gives you exceptionally high fill rates and needless to say, very high CPMs.

Fast Payments:

Standard Terms range from Net 45,30,15 but seriously, we can pay on demand. If you require a quick payment, contact us and we can work it out.

Mobile SDK Support:
No more running around with the code, mobile SDK. Dot.

Scalable Platform:
Running on insaneley powerful cloud servers, we will handle whatever you throw at us.

Top Notch Support:
You’re the ones who have to say this, but yes our support is and will be top notch. We are publishers ourselves, so we know what a publisher expects and we make sure that we exceed expectations.

Ad Types:
In addition to regular IAB formats, we also have :

Video Ads

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Feel free to ask questions in the thread, you can also reachout at:

email : [email protected]
Skype : goutham.vvs

Sounds interesting! Do you pay based on impression?

Yes, we pay on a CPM basis, that is 1000 impressions.

Is there a link to documentation? (integration pf the different ads formats)

Our documentation is currently being built. We can however directly offer support for all the ad formats/sizes. Please PM me with your queries and i’ll be more than glad to answer them :slight_smile:

Simply before I register a new network I want to see in details how easy/difficult their integration is and which ads format they offer.

We have a very simple SDK integration together with hard coded ad tags. What would be your preference?

It looks like you are from India…How much eCpm we can except from you and what are your Fillrates and your Geo…Do you support fills in all countries as most of ad networks doesn’t fill much for 3rd tier countries. Last but not least do you support 3rd party app stores like opera,amazon…etc

I just checked your website and tried to sign-up no registration page and when i click on sign up its taking me to login page and there is no sign-up button … 2015-06-23 18-30-44 (1).jpg

I am mostly interested in Native Ads at the moment.
Avocarrot Native Ads is the only one I was able to integrate successfully so far

Unfortunately we don’t have native ads, is there anything else we can assist you with? Banners, rich media ads? Video ads?

Yes, we are based in Chennai, India. The CPM rates vary, there is no standard rate but we’ve seen upwards of .50c. Also the fill rates vary, we’ve seen as low as 30% and as high as 85-90%. I would suggest that you give it a run and see how well it works for you :slight_smile:

The user flow for registration is that they enter their info on the main page and go to the signup page from there, it looks like our signup link is broken tho. I’l have my web dev look into it as soon as possible. Thank you for pointing out the flaw :slight_smile:

How much average ECPM for Indonesia market? thanks

We haven’t had any indonesian traffic so far and hence we will not be able to give you a ballpark figure.


I’m not trying to flame or start anything.

But, as someone who has their own private ad network, Why do you need 150+ exchanges? Filling 100% is easy for any country (just fill with your own offers - not sure why no network does this…mine does and it converts better)

What happens if one of those exchanges don’t pay you? See thats my issue with networks that have too many “other networks” plugged in, if 10 of those networks don’t like your traffic and majority of your traffic is being pushed to those networks, and they don’t pay you…you’re screwed. What do you guys do to prevent this?

I’ve been in the affiliate/mobile game for 10+ years, I’ve heard everyone under the sun say “we pay we pay!” too me it’s just sketchy having so many networks “plugged in”

For people who are curious what services like this and appodeal do, Basically they go out and get every ad network on their platform so you don’t have to sign up to all those networks, then they pull in the campaigns, opitmize the campaigns based on a few variables and push the best offer to the user…it’s very very basic and I wouldn’t even consider it an ad network, more of an “opitmizer” because imobitrax has been doing the same thing in the affiliate game for 5+ years. Theres nothing wrong with what these guys are doing, it’s great…but it’s a very very fine line because if 5+ guys send fraud…then those “networks” that are plugged in, won’t be plugged in for very long, Having DSP’s plugged in is a different story, every ad network has DSP’s plugged in and such even my own.

Just my 2 cents, I still hope Adsnik media does very well and I’m sure they will :slight_smile:

Thank you for your 2 Cents, your statements are partly true. We have 150+ exchanges in both mobile and web display put together. We are working with our own internal traffic too, but we use these exchanges to fill the unfilled inventory mostly.

Exchanges not paying is certainly an issue, but we have stable fraud prevention systems in place, besides our relationships with these exchanges is strong and we get notified on fraud very quickly thereby helping us weed out fraud quickly.

Again, thank you for your inputs and your wishes too :slight_smile: We sure hope we do well!

But, as someone who has their own private ad network, Why do you need 150+ exchanges? Filling 100% is easy for any country (just fill with your own offers - not sure why no network does this…mine does and it converts better)

What if you don’t want to show “offers” all the time?

I don’t want to show ads for other apps and games. I want to show ads from bigger, traditional advertisers that I don’t compete with.

Anyone tried this Network?

How much average eCpm in VietNam? thanks
I will only use interstitial ad.