- Integrate ads from many ad networks into all APK files (apps,games,LW)

i dont like , ok?
damm it

I agree that you should be charging for this kind of service, however maybe you can make the screenshot request option free since this is still in beta so we can check that we are adding ads in the right screens coz other apk’s generated from no coding app makers actually generate a lot of screens and if we will be checking which one is the right one we will be spending a lot of coins just to get the screenshots. just my opinion that I hope you can take into consideration, thanks!

check the screenshot in my account, this apk from app maker generated 10 screens.ads2apkscreen.jpg


I reduced cost of screenshots. If anyone has a problem, please conntact via support form. I will refund coins and resolve issue.
BTW. There is coming some free part of service (for now for limited number of users) and possibility to earn coins by making online actions.

Ok the service is great and well worth the money. Dont worry about developers who only want this and that part free. If you start to cater to the " i want it free " crowd you will suffer headache. There are paying customers like me who support you and will help spread the word out about this great service. Trust me I seen it before the paying crowd is a higher quality crowd, you cant help everyone. Your service is excellent and continues to get better.

I added possibility to earn coins via completing some actions, like for example completing surveys. You can find this feature below PayPal payment box:

@ads2livewallpaper are startapp ads on intro interstitial ads or is it implemented as a splash ad? how about for appnext ? do you implement it with the get account permission injected or one with no get account feature added?

Startapp intro is an interstitial ad. Appnext has get account permissions.

@ads2livewallpaper Are you going to add AppOdeals Appodeal | Home I been wanting to try that network.

I just sent him a message regarding this request.I would like to try Appodeal as well.

In next week I will integrate Appodeal :slight_smile:


I have the option now to add ADs for free (but only for widdit)
My question is, is it up to us to try reach the ads networks representatives and ask them for free implementation at your service, or it is something you are going to do on our behalf?
And, out of curiosity only (so you can opt not to reply) how does it work for you? You get paid for every implementation from the ad network? :slight_smile:

Now, Developers accepted by Widdit have free possibility to integrate their SDK.
I am open for cooperation with ad networks. How it works for me? Ad network should pay a monthly subscription to be free for all developers (for sure this is smaller investment than advertising on AdSense :slight_smile: ).

Hehe, well done! Can’t wait for more ad networks to jump in and allow us to use them for free.

Sent an email its didnt work with andromo app builder for some reason. I think from now on I will try to make apps through pure html code and hopefully that way I don’t run into issues. I only know HTML with javascript , I don’t know java and haven’t had the time to learn it.

It works with andromo app builder. You used hummermobi ad network and this network is not always showing ads and of course this ad network is showing out of app ads (don’t publish app with this ad network to Google Play). I sent to you 2 screenshots via email with ads from your app. For hummermobi ad network you can integrate them only on 1 application screen, because ads will not show in your app (out-app interstitial and push ads). For rest screens you can integrate other ad networks

Ok I still don’t see any ADs on my device but I will distribute the apk and see if it earns revenue after 10-20 downloads. If not then something is wrong ,so we will see.

Ok I finally see ADs and the app got downloaded but for some reason hummer mobi isnt tracking properly. Yes your service does work with andromo !!

Can you allow apks bigger than 20 mbs?

@ads2livewallpaper i’ve sent you a pm via the ads2apk site regarding a problem 2 days ago and i still haven’t received a response…

I will check this on Sunday