- Integrate ads from many ad networks into all APK files (apps,games,LW)

Hi Developers,

I want to introduce to you - service which can integrate ads from many ad networks (admob, airpush, mobilecore, etc…) to any APK file without having source code.

Ok, short info from FAQ:
"Q: What is
A: is a website where you can integrated advertisements from ad networks to your Android application (APK file) without having source code of this app.
You can use this service when, for example:

  • you are creating applications in creator software, which can give to you only APK file,
  • you want to use many ad networks and you don’t want to mix-up your source code,
  • you want to easy update ad network’s SDK,
  • you have application in not Java language (for example Corona, Unity3D) and you want to use ad networks which are not available as plugins.

Q: Is an ad network?
A: No. We are not an ad network."

For more info please visit help page: ads2apk | Tutorials & FAQ . You can find there full FAQ and links to video tutorials.
Especially you should watch ads integration tutorial: .

How to register?
Go to Dashboard | Register .

Full list of available ad networks (new will be added):
1 AdMob
2 Airpush
3 Airpush Bundle1
4 Airpush Bundle2
5 AppNext
6 Chartboost
7 HeyZap
8 HummerMobi Out
9 Leadbolt
10 MobileCore
11 Mobvista
12 Notifymob
13 RevMob
14 StartApp
15 Widdit HomeBase

I see you have airpush support solid, do you also have notifymob because I need both of them. If so I am sold!!

Yes, I have Notifymob. I updated post with full list of available ad networks.

I made a mistake and didn’t intergrate the AD network I thought that step was on another page. I watched the video afterwards and saw my mistake , can I please have the 10 coins back to try again this time properly. Thanks!!

Alright I was able to get the ADs into my game but had a couple of tries before I got it working %100 . Thanks for this service ,its extremely useful I had been needing something like this for a while. This a like a developers heaven , no need to fuss with SDk’s that are harder to integrate than making an app.

Yes pixel, it can be very usefull but don’t forget about dark side. This tool is giving possibility to grab 3dparty apks like games, put your own ads and publish without any problem. This have to use some safety issue in apk certificates

Yes anything can be good or evil its up to the person. But I noticed on this forum this have been negative lately, everyone is on edge because AD networks aren’t delivering like they used to for most people . We got to stop this mindset of looking at everything negative.

I agree for this service only if original keystore required, without key, it’s only piracy tool. I know that’s not my decision to make tool like this public or making business from it but I know that I have right in this case. Piracy will be massive, on this forum are also people from countries, where piracy is allowed. Giving them tool what can generate pirated apk in couple seconds isn’t good.

How to protect application (piracy is massive, even my small apps were pirated some time ago:
-use proguard
-set android LVL (licences)
-own solutions with own server
-use base64 to mask your ad ids
-rename sdk jars to avoid any injection
-use some external protection libraries
-important strings and data, store on your server and use base64 to mask url

Many peoples which are using app creators don’t have keys, so service will be useless for them (this is the main target).
Service is not designed for piracy (for example: not allows to change package name, but this feature will be very useful for pirates; not removes ads which are already in app).

Please remember, that developer is 100% responsible for any action which is making with tool -

Didn’t work for me. I uploaded apk, it detected GameStartActivity. I added mobilecore, appnext and airpush. As soon as I installed the apk on my device, it is crashing on launch.

My guess is that this service may not work for all apps and games.

Really thanks for feedback. Your issue was fixed and coins was refunded. After fix I tested your app with your ads configuration and now there is no issues. Please try again :slight_smile:

Service’s engine was tested carefully, but sometime might be easy to fix issues. So, dear Developers, if you have any issue, please send message via contact form In message describe problem and write APK’s filename also. I will fix issue and refund your coins.

Service is paid so will cut out piracy, he also has a zero piracy policy and he can see what apps get injected, if found deemed to be piracy he will ban account and IP and forward the information to the proper authorities.

This is good for games made using Clickteam fusion and my live wallpapers that have 12 activities so unable to use ads2lwp for those type of complex live wallpapers I create. This tool let’s you inject on certain activities. Yes I also had some.of my live wallpapers stolenn and pirated as well, someone even stole my app icon and used it on their app.

This service is a life saver , I get to try other AD networks besides the one’s I am locked into as an HTML developer. Thank you so much!!

Just for HTML developers to know use phonegap build because your icon will be stripped if you use cocoon js to build you apk. Cocoon js doesn’t work with this service but phonegap build does. I lost 10 coins trying .

The reason of this issue is a texture error from chromium. Ads are correctly integrated. In black screen if you will exit via home button and then back to app you will see ok behavior - probably textures complete loads when mobilecore intertsititial is on all screen and then chromium know that is not visible throws texture errors - can’t render. I tested that banners are OK.

You say that you have problem with CocoonJS but as I checked CooconJS is Ok, but problem is with using Cordova. Could you confirm? If yes, I will contribute to this Apache project and I will try to resolve this issue.

I refunded your 10 coins :slight_smile:

My problem with cocoon js is after I used the adstoapk , the apk file I recieved had the default cocoon js icon and not the original icon. With phonegap everything works fine. There is no problem with the ADs.

Oh and thanks for adding more AD options to mobilecore, I really need it!!

No problem :slight_smile:

it should be free

Why? You want integrate ads to make a money. Why you don’t upload your apps to store for free, without any ads?