AdNetwork for future

As Google has updated
TOS and here are we talking about it

We can see that push ads have to be removed from applications in 1 month.

What now? What ad compay is the best and does NOT break TOS?

Lets talk…

I don’t think, that they will get removed completely - they just have to fiddle around a bit to fit the ToS - so showing which app is responsible for that ad and also giving an option to get rid of the push ad easily.

If you ask me, that will throw push ads a bit away from being important … not sure it they will be reliable any longer … I guess push ads only work, BECAUSE they are behaving like they do at the moment - if they fix the issues about not knowing how to get rid of them or which app was responsible, they should be ok


They haven’t banned the Push Ads. We just need to make them compliant to the policies. I know we here at SendDroid should be pushing out the updated SDK by the middle of next week. That SDK should be sufficient for your ads to be compliant.

I do think that they have banned Icon Drops though.

What makes you say that?

Ads must not make changes to the functioning of the user’s device outside the ad by doing things such as installing shortcuts, bookmarks or icons or changing default settings without the user’s knowledge and consent.

in the end, if you ask the user to drop an icon and they say yes, you may be allowed to drop an icon :wink:

Yep! You can get around it via opt-in/opt-out, however, I’m reasonably not very hopeful about Icon Ads.

As far as SendDroid goes, Icon Ads don’t make the bulk of our business anyway. So, we will introduce the feature to be compliant, the rest depends on the developer’s choice.

I am pleased with Airpush thus far, getting pretty awesome and steady ECPM. I followed up with my AM earlier this week and assured me that they are in full compliance with TOS and are also releasing their new SDK 5.0 with new ad units which are also in compliance with TOS. Looking forward to see if this will increase my CPM.

Any news when new SDK will be avalible?

Would be nice to know…


We are planning on launching the new SDK 5.0 within 2 weeks. If you have any questions check us out or email me directly - [email protected].
Also if you want to sign up with us and see for yourself how we can significantly increase your eCPM you can sign up at


Yes. I hope you will give new SDK out before 1st of September… SO we (( the devs)) have time to implement it…

You guys promised to release the SDK this week, What happened. Now you are saying it will be out within two weeks. I don’t think this will give us ample time to release the updates for several apps. Furthermore, we need to provide updates and fix bugs in apps but we can’t since any new update we release is going to be subjected to the latest change in policy. Your competitors have already released their updated SDK. Please look into the urgency of this matter.

Was about to ask the same thing… originally we were somehow informed that it would be out this week…

I heard it from up the food chain that there are rumors of airpush’s new SDK to be released this week. lets cross our fingers!

Hehe. It better be, or they are going to have to deal with many angry devs…

It will be interesting to see what happens after those 30 days are up… I think we’ll see more passive and display ads now, and hopefully some newer methods to monetize apps. If any devs want to know more about an interesting new homescreen deals widget, check out AppKey -


Wow I think that is a great idea for a an network. Even as a consumer I would love to get paid versions/in game items for free just by adding that ad widget.

Thanks for the feedback - we think so too! There has to be a way to get more legit ad dollars flowing to mobile, and we think we have a solution. Its totally opt-in for the user (no stealth icons/notifications, they have to install the widget) but is free for both users and includes app promotion for devs. Users are already downloading the widget just for the great deals!

Check out our site - we’re offering incentives for installs to our beta developers. :slight_smile:

Hannah /

Just got few emails from AirPush.

They say the new SDK will be avaliable in next 2 weeks.

Well. Guess that I have to make sure I have day off 30 of August to update all my apps with something else than AirPush.

Any other “inside” news from our “indie” devs who work for AirPush?