AdMob Wire Payment

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Not yet. Still waiting.

They pay 25th of the following month to me, so I got October payment on 25th of November.

today, I was receive admob payment for wire

Yes, I got the payment mail from bank.
I am use old admob.

I published my App on 1-Dec.
will i get payment on 25th of this month?
next month Jan-25?

Received today

interesting … how i will come to know which admob i am using.

please tell me how to check.
i opened admob account in 15th Nov 2013

does it come on random days?

Just got paid!!

does it show next payment date on their site? I integrated in end of Nov and finally hit the $100 threshold and have verified my pin. So I will get paid Jan 25?? :frowning: I wish they had weekly.