Admob - what should a newbie know?


so far only used basic banner and interstital in my apps, and I’m interested in learning more about the new admob.

  1. what’s the best resources/posts you’ve seen about the new admob? I find it hard to understand from thier FAQ

  2. what would you suggest I experiment with? again, tried nothing either than basic banner and interstital.

Thank you!

Please answer both if you can but one is great too :slight_smile:

  1. Mediation.

I definitely agree with Mediation. Also, you should try AdBoost to get better ad targeting in your app (disclaimer - I work for the maker, but that’s my honest advice).

sweet thanks, I will definitely look into mediation!! Not sure about adboost though :slight_smile:

I am new here and been reading a lot of threads. It seems like Admob is popular because of google connection but what is epcm of Admob? Is it constant or up and down a lot?

If you’re advertising with a low budget, you will just waste your money