Admob very low click rate!

I stared to use again admob some days ago with this result:


May it be due to a mistake in my code? I tested banners on 4 different devices with android 2.2, 2.3 and 4.4 and i’m always able to see admob test banners

admob removes invalid clicks, as much as possible, so you will always get less click rate with admob than other networks

That means they don’t have interesting banners for my users…a 0.18% CTR is just ridiculous…

A quirk of my app is that it’s using fragments and instead of make a new request it keeps the same adView for the entire session, is it an advantage point or not?

Combination of (admob+Startapp) would give high income. Use Interstitial ads and splash ads for high income.

Try Startapp, one of high paying ad networks that pays more or less higher than admob. It has a wide range of ads - splash ad, banner, interstitial, search ads, return ads etc…
It also has referral program in which you can get up to $10,000 when a new developer signs up.

My advice is combination of startapp & admob works better and gives higher payment that all other ad networks. It is best suited for all apps and games. Easy and Quick Integration.

  • Unity and corona plugins are available
  • Admob mediation also available in startapp
  • Live tracking of impressions and earnings

When your referral reaches 100k impressions you will get 25$, for 1M impressions - +$150, 10M impressions - +$1500, 25M impressions - +$2400, 50M impressions - +$5925

You can sign up using this link - StartApp - Developer Registration