Making Money with Android

Admob v/s Facebook ads Monetization revenue.

Which of these 2 ad network is paying better.

I would like to know as well.

We all know that admob pays highest from all other ad networks. But don’t know anything about facebook ads. Anyone who have used both of them may throw some light on this :confused:

FAN pays good with eCpm but their fillrate is 60-70% and admob has less eCpm but almost 100% fill rates…So it’s better using both with mediation…

Ok, not considering the fill rate, ecpm of both Facebook banner & inerstitial ads are higher than those of admob ? If so then I think we should programe facebook ads 1st & if ad is not filled by facebook than showing admob ads will generate maximum revenue.
Currently I am only using admob ads

You can’t compare this network. Admob sucks! FAN have a very good eCPM!

Why can’t we compare these 2 network ? Have you used both of them?
Your statement “FAN have a very good eCPM!”- I Agreed !

I use both but because Facebook fill rate is 40-50 percent it is actually much lower more like 25-35 percent because they calculate fill rate based on filled requests, but not all filled requests turn into impressions its cut down almost half again so it is more like 30 percent fillrates with high eCPM around 2.25 ecpm for banners and interstitials mixed for me where admob is like 1.34 ecpm mixed full-screen and banners but 85% plus fill rates.

I think Admob has the slight edge here. I also earn twice the amount overall with Admob as well. I know Facebook will Grow. They also do lot of eCPM campaigns where advertiser pays for impressions, so only 1 impression per user, so users will not see same ad twice in 1 day for an app, which is why fills are lower with Facebook, but they do have lot of advertisers.

Can we program that if we do not get any fill in FAN then request AdMob to fill that ad ?

Sure, you can use admob mediation or write your own code

Yes you can…you can use call backs…I don’t try admob mediation in my apps…if any reason admob bans our apps other ad network ads also be gone…so I use call backs if I want to use admob mainly…Try heyzap with that u can use admob and fan as well

Thanks, But FAN is asking for TIN number for payment, we are individual androiddevelopers with no company & tin no registered. & it is mandatory to input tin no there. Should I apply for tin number? While in admob there is no need to tin number to receive payments

You can give PAN also…

I use Admob Mediation with FAN for my Banners and In app Interstitials, but use strictly FAN for On App Launch Ads and On Exit Ads, I don’t Implement all those in one app, I put some on launch here and some on exit there depending on the App.
FAN Accounts for 60% of my revenue usually and Admob the other 40%.

I advise you to use both as above. FAN is growing REALLY REALLY FAST, I think Admob has a genuine competitor here, FAN has also launched Ads for websites, so im sure there’ll be alot of new campaigns across both mobile and web like Adsense, this attracts Advertisers, not to mention the fact that with Facebook’s large user base, advanced targeting techniques can be deployed based on a user’s profile.
And they are not as strict as Admob, haven’t heard of people getting banned for silly reasons on FAN yet.
They are a big company, they respond to my queries fast, and have always paid earlier than Admob.

For my first payment, I didn’t have a TIN, I put a bunch of random numbers, but still got a payment. I think It’s because Im not a company.
However I eventually went to my country’s Tax body and got a TIN, put it into FAN, haven’t seen any Tax payments.

I am using FAN with Admob mediation… my primary market is India, any suggestions of what should I set the eCPM for both FAN and Admob in order to maximise the revenues.

At the end of the week, I get the average eCPM from FAN and feed that into the admob mediation dashboard. So I change every week or so. I haven’t set any country specific settings.

Do you use same placement id for banner & interstitals ? or they give different like admob? In my case interstitial ads work with banner id

I use different placements…