admob suddenly reduced my estimated earning for the hole month yesterday

hello yesterday i was shocked , i was having 2000$ in my admob account , i waked up this morning and i found that i only have 1400$ , this happened to me in the previous month but they didn’t mention it in invalid traffic , anyone faced like this issue
thx in advance

Me too … f*** admob… :frowning:
I dont know what happening with admob

i am using only interstitial without banner , what are u using ?
and how much did they deduct ?

Stop the black hat aso.

what do u mean ?

That’s really strange. Did you ask their support? And when it happened first time did they mention about invalid traffic? I use appodeal and if they find something wrong in my apps they usually send me e-mail, for example couple weeks ago i had problems of very hight CTR because of one ad network and they had doubts on this count. So after I have received their warning i’ve simply disabled applovin, CTR normalized and payout hes sent. Admob i use as well for interstitials now…

okay i will try to contact them , but i am thinking now about changing to appodeal can u tell me about the revenue , is it good for you and in which country is good for you?
thx in advance

My revenue is good enough. But depends on how many daily active users do you have and geo too. I have around 80K impressions daily on every type of ads (I use rewarded video and interstitials, users mostly in EU and CIS) and revenue increased if to compare with result while I used only 2 networks (UnityAds for video and Admob for interstitials). I suggest you try this solution.