Admob statistics 14 and 15 January

From January 15, 2015, CTR is very low.

January 14 my CTR was 0.5% and yesterday and today is 0.05%.

Request are similar but not impresions. Especially interstitial ads.

Someone more it is happening the same thing? Do you think that it is due to start of quarter?

Thank you in advance.


Welcome to the forum.

I know it is a bit confusing, but request and impressions are not what make up the fill rate. You should still see about 98% fill rate even if your impressions are half of your requests. So this is basically how it works: Every time you request/pre-load an ad (like call the load method) it counts as a request. Actually showing it in your app counts as an impression.

If you are getting low impressions, but your requests are still the same it could be a problem in your implementation. Have you recently updated the app?

That being said, Admob revenue is low at the moment.

Hi israelsan,

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Hi ,
I was having the same problem for about a week or two but this last 2 days my CTR raised to around 1% although i’m not sure away but maybe because I tried some marketing this 2 days .

Thank you for the answers! In the end, I found the problem.

AdMob has banned some of my applications. But not the account.