AdMob / source code questions

Hey guys,

I have two questions, would really appreciate any answer:

  1. Can I use same AdMob account for 2 different Google Developer accounts? Is someone doing this?

  2. If I’ve purchased the Single Licence source code at some site like chupamobile/codecanyon, what restrictions does it have? It means I am not able to publish more than one game on this code? Is it trackable?

Huge thanks to everyone who’d bother answering these

  1. you can use same AdMob on many different Google Dev accounts

LOL the chupamobile templates just buy a single liscense as you get the full source code, they have no way of knowing how many apps you make. infact these codes get pirated by a single buyer here on the forums and u can buy them for pennies on the dollar.

@tacchan23 @DroidGenie thanks!

Have one more question:

What are the requirements for the reskinned source code not to be banned by Google? Mean like if I just change the Logo+Title+Description+Screenshots but the whole game is not touched, could that be a reason for ban?
What are your usual reskin changes to publish the app?

Read the play store developer policy yourself. Spam, impersonation, copyright policy to be specifically.