Admob showing zero interstitial impressions

I’m sending out about 2k interstitial requests and about 30k banners a day, but the interstitial impression is stuck at zero for some reason.

The interstitial works perfect on my development devices (and those of my friends) so I AM showing the interstitials for sure. Why is not registering then?
Again, the admob report shows zero interstitial impressions ever since I started giving out interstitials.

Is this on the new Admob or old one?

If you have adsense. It will show on that dash instead of admob. Did the same to me. Hopefully that’s your problem as well.

I don’t know…
The jar in my libs folder is 6.4.1.

Hold up, I just spot the Google play thingy on the admob integration site. I was never able to decipher what the hell was it and never bothered to check…

Is THAT the “new” admob? :open_mouth:

I didn’t even knew adsense and admob were even remotely related…
So, no. something else must be causing this.

I’m not talking about the SDK, I mean the actual Admob site. The old Admob is at and the new site (run with Adsense) is at .

This is what the new Admob looks like if that helps:

Woah! That’s the first time I’m seeing that!
How do we switch over? I couldn’t find it, I did find that support for 6.4.1 will be ended this year :open_mouth:
Do I have to change the SDK? (also is it available for API 8+?)

They rolled it out last Summer and gradually invited developers to upgrade. I was lucky to be among the first.
They displayed an upgrade banner on the normal Admob site dashboard and also sent an e-mail out. If you haven’t had either of them at all then I don’t know really.
I think some countries still haven’t been granted access to it for whatever reason. Maybe contact their support? It will be slow, but obviously they can answer your question better than I can.

Btw, no SDK changes or anything app-side is needed.