Admob sent less money then recorded in account


Today I received 643,52 EUR in my bank account from Admob for the earnings in February.

This is my transaction history:
Feb 1, 2015 - Feb 28, 2015 Earnings - AdMob Applications - AdWords Ads €643.52

But I earned more in February. This is the estimated earnings section:
Last month €822.86

So Admob sent €179.36 less than what I actually earned.

Anyone experienced this?

I haven’t experienced it yet but from the word “estimated earnings” that could be the reason it differs from the final payable amount.

I usually get around 85-90% of what was in Estimated earnings.

It is normal. You usually get less money.

22% of the earnings is quite a big deal in my opinion… It affects real eCPM a lot… Is it the same with other ad networks?

I usually get 5 or 10 euros less than the estimated earnings, but this time I got 180 euros less. It’s a very big difference.

Does anyone know a way to contact them?

179 euro less is way too much, that´s not normal.

I always get exactly the amount stated in the payment tab in admob panel.
Are you sure it’s not some fee for international bank transfer? Do you have any information in the payment tab about bad clicks or something like that?

In my case admob paid 99,75 % for february.

@Magnesus i don’t think it’s problem of bank fee, cause avradu said he sees much lower amount in transaction tab. I believe bank fee would be substracted from that amount.

@avradu1984 you can contact admob, click question mark in admob console (top right corner of screen), then on next site (admob help) there is “contact us” link also in top right corner.

Also, from official help:

What’s the difference between estimated and finalized earnings?

The estimated earnings that you see on the Home page are estimates of your recent account activity. These earnings aren’t finalized until the end of the month and won’t necessarily reflect the amount you’ll ultimately be paid.

Finalized earnings are accurate earnings amounts that include all revenue you will be paid for validated clicks and impressions. These amounts are equal to the current balance found on on your Account > Payments page. After our earnings records are processed and verified by the 2nd of the month, your current balance from the previous month is posted to the Payments page.

I have same problem with you, I found a big problem just a moment ago, when I check my balance report. I just find out that my last payment was about 80% off compare to my feb 2015 earning that has shown in my admob account.

Now I send my problem to admob support ( via email and contact us link ), waiting for reply :slight_smile:

I have sometime seen under payment tab
we find entry like
“Invalid Traffic - AdMob Applications - AdWords Ads” with amount they have deducted before releasing payment, but for me it is usually in range of USD 1 to 10,

So please check and see if they show some entry like above?

Thanks, @mike82, I’ve contacted support, let’s see what happens.

No invalid traffic shows in my payment history.

never used admob they have low rates and is google
I have startapp, appmext and avocarrot

I always get less, but it is always above 99%. You should contact them. You can do it if you earn more than 25$ per week and actually you do

I received a reply from Admob saying the cut was because of invalid activity.

This is weird because I haven’t updated my games since beginning of January so accidental clicks shouldn’t have increased.

CTR across February was steady each day, ranging from 0.8% to 1.4%. There were 3 days with “spikes” in eCPM, when eCPM was about twice higher than the normal days, but since the CTR is the same as all the other days, it doesn’t make sense why that would be invalid activity.

I hope the same thing doesn’t happen with the earnings from March.

If it was because invalid activity you should see it in the payment tab - deducted from your revenue.

The last time “Invalid Traffic - AdMob Applications - AdWords Ads” appears in the payment tab is October 2014. Starting November, there are no such operations.

I haven’t seen invalid traffic in payment tab for couple of months. Maybe they don’t show it now?

This seems to be the pattern may be?
I see about 5% reduction in from earnings in March today (When its moved to Transaction History).

Anyone with 10K+ in earning check your Balance in Transaction History.