Admob send money by Wire to same name with diff account

i have 2 admob account , in my first account i send money to my bank account, and i got it normally no problem
now i open second account and i have 2000 on it , my question ?
if i add my name (same) in wire transfer and diff bank account number , they will block my account ???

From their T&Cs:

Your use of the Services is subject to your creation and our approval of an AdSense account (an “Account”). We have the right to refuse or limit your access to the Services. By submitting an application to use the Services, if you are an individual, you represent that you are at least 18 years of age. You may only have one Account.

If you use the same name and bank account they will pick up on it very quickly and you will be banned, most likely losing both accounts. They don’t mess about on that front.