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AdMob Revenue - Mobile Phones vs Tablets

Hey to all. Can you please share what’s the approximate revenue(%) you get from Tablets with AdMob. For me from the total revenue only ~30% comes from tablet devices, I’m not sure if this is good enough. I though that on tablets the ads look better and would make a good CTR, but it’s seems I was totally wrong.

I’m using smart banners (if it matters).

Kindly share your experience if any :slight_smile:

Thanks and a Merry Christmas to all of you.

Are you factoring in how many downloads you have on tablets? I think you should look at Ecpm for tablets versus phones because your probably doing a lot more phone impressions. A lot more people have phones than tablets still, I think. And also I think phones are more likely to have an internet connection than tablets. Lots of tablets are wifi only.

This thread by Javaexp might help you get higher ecpm on tablets. He describes a method for showing bigger ads on bigger devices.

Well this totally makes sense. Now I feel kinda stupid for not counting the downloads on phones vs tablets ))

I will surely check it but yeah, this might be the case, there are lot more mobile devices than tablets.

I saw Javaexp thread earlier and I’m thinking to implement his “trick” , because currently I’m getting 0.6-0.8% CTR on banners+interstitials.

Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Well, in my Google Analytics webpage I think I saw a screen for that - but I can’t remember where it is listed.

However tablet was like 25% of users or something like that.

Taking a look at Google analytics, i can say tablets users are between 15-25%

With the numbers you got, you will only fall out of “top new free” lists but will remain in “top free” list if that is where you positioned yourself already.

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