Admob problem on impression and also have the loading page on admob website

I try to open the admob website on mobile, and it also show the loading but no any data since on 1st-May-2019, before that i can open as normal. and then i try to open it on my pc, it can show the data but also have the loading on the page every time.

and one more my impression start to drop very bad, my request around 60k per day and impression before 1st-May-2019 is around 40k, but now only 20k for impression but for request is the same 60k.

Do everyone has this problem the same me or not? or any solution please kindly guide me some.

Thank you very much

i have the same problem - no any data since 1st-May-2019.

do you know any problem or not? you can open in the pc or not?

I have no problem with opening the page, but there is no impressions since 01.05.2019.
I have no idea what is the problem?

how about the money? it has or not? i have the impression when i open by pc, but seem it show on the report and summary on home page is different.

2 hours ago, some impressions appeared, but it seems like no one has been reported all night. About the money - no impressions - no money (eCPM i the same).