admob payment

according to admob i should receive my june earnings by the 7 of july. today is july 8 and i still didn’t receive e-mail for my payment. anyone with the same problem? that payment should be my first in the new admob, so i’m worried is there something wrong?

In new admob, you’ll get finalized earnings of the previous month on 7th of current month. And your payment will be processed around 21-25th. so no more One month delay, you’ll get paid within next month.
I do not get any payment email from new admob, only updates in 'payments.

today is july 8 but there is no message or email for finalized earnings for june. why is that? also i should receive my money via western union. that means that i should get my money 1 day after day are issued. so when to expect payment? in admob there is no finalized earnings for june…

I still have not received any email issue from admob for June

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June payments will be processed on 22nd of July

I always see no activity until around the 21st, when it says its about to make payment to my bank account. Which always posts between 22nd ~23rd. This payment is for money earned from the previous month. 6mths never late. …well until they didn’t like something,canceled my account and kept the $500 in the account.

finally my earnings for June were finalized on 10 July. now i guess they will be issued after 20 July :slight_smile: