Admob payment

Do anyone get payment from old admob?

so far nothing

I’m waiting too for an old admob account… not much $50 or something, it’s an account with crappy apps that I didn’t bother to upgrade

anyone got it?

Got it today

still havnt got it yet.old admob paypal. anyone got it?

i got it :wink:

not yet here… old admob, paypal.

no old admob payment for today, it should be delivered to paypal. anyone have this problem?

Got it today :smiley:
old admob

not yet
old admob

Old Admob. The bastards didnt send me the payment yet no money in my paypal is credited at all. Its getting late.

I think they are forcing us to upgrade to new admob. Robot company.

I have upgraded to new admob this month. Still no payment from old admob. Anyone contacted the admob support?

damn, gotta pay my bills!

no payment, old admob, paypal.

same here, old admob, paypal…no payment yet :confused:…mail came 2nd May…though upgraded to new admob

I have sent an email to “[email protected]” Let us see what they reply.

OK, you are dead now. Pray for your account :smiley:

Any one from india get the payment in paypal using old admob

Not yet, still waiting.