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Admob now showing video ads?

Hi Guys,

yesterday i noticed that, in my app, admob showed a video ad instead of an interstitial (I normally show only admob interstitials).
I have never seen that before. Did I just not receive admob videos before in my country (Germany), or is this completely new? Did anyone else experience this?

The video just looked like a typical youtube video ad with the option to skip after 5 seconds.


Are you sure it wasn’t just animated? I’ve seen quite a few smooth animated interstitials from Admob.

If they are now running videos then that’s pretty good.

they are definitely showing video ads now

Yep, absolutely sure that it was a video ad. It was a movie trailer (about 30 seconds long with option to skip the ad after 5 secs) exactly as you would see it before watching a youtube video.

What’s the ecpm for this video ads?

Yes, i saw it. Video ads. With “skip ads” button and “visit site” button

Can’t tell the ecpm because they seem to be treated as normal interstitials. You can’t create a seperate video ad unit. Let’s hope this will change soon.

the ecpm is going to be huge on these…

Hopefully they won’t just keep it under interstitial and rip off the extra money made from from this

Or not. :slight_smile:

I seen these a while ago on iPhone but not on android yet. Good to know. I was hoping it happen with there new api

I can’t wait for your reports about eCPM growth from interstials:)

is there no official info about this from google admob? not every apps suitable using video ads, they just implemented and no one complain about it…
awesome move, this is what we called otoriter

What to do to get video ads?

need to integrate with admob latest SDK or any other special SDK?

I did not see any video ad on my admob banner and interstitials.

hello, anyone has some additional info about potential video ads from admob? would be pleased to see them real :slight_smile:

I see some video ads in my admob report.

  1. You need to use interstitial ads
  2. I use latest admob SDK (stand alone) and admob included in play services SDK

Latest admob SDK with same interstitial ad-unit ID will show video ads?

Yes. Videos ads are display with my intersitial ad-unit ID.