AdMob - no clicks

I have one AdMob’a banner in my Android app.

AdMob eCPM Floor Beta - eCPM of $ 0.08
AdMob Network - eCPM $ 0.01

At the moment, there is more than 1,000 daily page views. It’s not much but I think there should be at least a couple of clicks per day?
I’ve noticed that at the beginning, where there was much less number of views, I had even 10 clicks per day. Currently = usually 0, gusting to 2-3? Where’s the problem?

I also tried AdMob Interstitial Ads, but the same, there were no clicks and no money.

Hello @booncol. Users are getting more and more annoyed by several ad units that they see through their apps every day. Maybe you should try something different like Pollfish that provides survey interaction with the users and delivery of gifts as an incentivization to interact and complete a survey!

for banners the CTR is very low but for Interstitial the CTR is high for example for one of my apps Im getting 7% CTR ratio that means for 1,000 daily page views Im getting 70 clicks

Is it normal that AdMob Interstital Ad can be closed using backbutton, instead of clicking the X button on Ad? During the tests, I could close the Interstital tapping backbutton before it appeared fully on screen.

Yes it`s normal