AdMob need settings help

Guys i am i novice i made an app about 8 months ago mesing about and i stumbled my way to getting it on the play market and setup with admob i was getting around £60 -£100 per month with the app this is the details of it but i do not know what this all means and if it is decent ?Admob contacted me today to say they suspended my app due to gambling to be on it but i honestly cand find any links to gambling and have contacted them.

Requests eCPM Fill Rate RPM
56,226 $1.16 100.00% $1.16

I have made two other apps but i cant get them to activate in admob could someone give me rough instructions what i need to do to get apps activated please.

As i say i set up my first app and was getting a return but i dont really know how i did it i just clicked a few settings and it went live but cant get seem to do this again for other apps.

ps i make all my apps with adromo as other ways seemed beyond my knowledge.

Not sure what to say, since Admob make it very easy to get everything set up. What exactly are you having trouble with? Have you checked the docs that come with the SDK?

Just rough idea how do I get the adverts active no matter what I seem to do the red icon for inactive seems stay.

As A1ka1inE said, admob banners integration is rather straightforward.
Do you see test ads from admob in your app?
Make sure you are using correct publisher ID string (ID of the new app, and not the one of suspended app).

Btw, did you figure out, why admob suspended your app? Did you use other ad networks in your app (besides admob)?

IM using the publisher id of the suspended app this wove be my problem then need to work out how to get new publisher ID.

I only used admob they keep repeating I have gambling on my app but I have contacted them twice more asking to show me where and I will remove it only thing I can think of is if a link to a website on my app has its own adverts showing gambling or something.Thanks for replying.

To get publisher ID for your new app:

Login to your admob account, create new app (Sites & Apps -> Add Site/App), and then find publisher ID of the newly created app.

Thanks for the replies guys will try this later