Does anyone recieved payment (for july) from admob this month via wire transfer please? I still missing payment :(. Thanks for reply.

And this is one of the reasons Admob sucks. There is no one to contact if you have any issue.

I’ve just got it. They send it on the 5th so it will be later than usual (normally they send on 2nd).

Got mine few days ago as well.

I received my payment 3 days ago, but I get paid via Paypal.

I get paid by bank account and got it on friday.
I have been using admob for 18 months now and they never never missed a payment (Its freakin Google!!!, They don’t need our 1000$ :slight_smile: )


Any update on this?

Double check your account and routing numbers. I personally have screwed these up several times. My bank offers 3 routing numbers and I never know which is the appropriate one.

Just be careful: A “missing” payment is a much more aggressive accusation than a “delayed” payment.

However, judging by everyone else’s responses, it should have reached you a few days ago by now so I would simply triple check to make sure everything was set up correctly.

Just trying to be helpful :slight_smile:

I sincerely hope everything gets sorted for you.


I had the same problem (received no payment via Wire this month) and have received a message from admob today saying that my payment could not be processed because of the following error: "Bank states you do not hold an account with them.

Which is strange I have never changed my bank data since registering and the payment process worked for the last 15 months without a problem.

Changed my payment preferences to paypal now. Lets see if this works out.