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Admob mediation

Hi guys,
I’m trying to setup admob mediation with multiple networks.
I setup 4 different networks (admob, millennian media, appbrain and tapfortap) and give them 25% allocation.
I tested on my phone but it looks like it’s giving alot of priority to admob.
Is it normal? Should I trust Google not trying to get more requests to admob?


actually I don’t know why but admob mediation website is not always accessible.

Anyone experience the same problem?

Admob’s mediation will always seek to be the primary filler of your requests as its their mediation layer you are using.
After that, however, it is pretty fair game between the remaining networks based on allotment of percentages.

I dont have the knowledge to answer your second question, however.

Hope that made sense :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Anyway that it’s not fair at all. Admob shouldn’t do that. If I choose to give same priority to all networks they just need to respect it or I’ll give them a kick in the a**. :slight_smile:
Now admob mediation it’s back working.
For now I’ll try it for a month and eventually move to mopub or other services.

You can control the order of requests to networks by setting the allocation to $. The networks are called in the order of the eCPM price you set until one network serves the request.

So: network A to 0.04, network B to 0.03, network C to 0.02 etc.
will cause the following order:
[li]network A
[/li][li]network B
[/li][li]network C

The eCPM price does NOTHING more. An eCPM price of 0.04 does NOT mean that this network will only serve requests with a minimum of 0.04. The eCPM price only controls the order of the daisy chain of networks in the mediation.

Alternatively, you can allocate by percentage.

The advantage of Admob is, that it provides a facility to add any network to the mediation, even unsupported ones (by means of a CustomEvent class).
Most other mediation services don’t allow for adding unsupported networks.

This might not be the issue you’re encountering, but I found a strange behaviour when testing AdMob mediation. If I created an AdMob ad, no matter how many times I requested an ad, it would always load from the same network.

In order to get the mediation to work properly, I had to create a new interstitial ad object every time I wanted to request a new ad.

yes. It’s what is happening.
I think it shouldn’t work like that. I’d like to give to the same user ads from different ad networks.