Admob mediation question (using Facebook Audience Network)...

Anyone have the experience with Admob mediation where requests are made but no impressions are reported on either side?

I integrated Facebook Audience Network into the app based on their directions, pushed out an update and enabled mediation within Admob with Facebook Audience Network having a higher eCPM to push ads to it first. Now in the mediation report in Admob all it shows is requests but nothing else. Any one else experience this?

I ended up writing an Admob CustomEventBanner that handles mediation with Facebook amongst other things that works perfect. For some reason the standard Facebook adapter just doesn’t work for me…

Hi it should work for you,
Please see my other post(s) related to facebook.
I am successfully using FB with admob mediation without creating custom event.

Is it worth to add FB to admob mediation? Any noticeable increment on revenue?

The Facebook Audience Network gets some nice results for publishers. I’ve seen really high banner CPMs


I think Facebook network is already in the admob mediation list.

Why custom adaptor is required then?

I am getting terrible fill rate for admob banners. want to use FB.

The Facebook adapter is crap. It doesn’t handle SmartBanners, for example. You need to write your own in order to get it running properly for banners.
Keep in mund that Facebok requires the user to be logged. People who don’t use the Facebook app won’t see ads.
Therefore FB is not a general replacement for Admob.

That’s a pretty weird requirement I think.

I forgot how to implement mediation integration. I have done it long back.
Following is my understanding. please confirm if it is correct.

  1. Include the network jar in libs
  2. Settings in admob mediation interface in admob site.
  3. Do we need to call the init() of that network too?

You need to create a class extending CustomEventBanner, for example ‘FacebookBannerAdapter’ and override all methods if the interface.
This class can then be added to the adMob mediation page.
You still need to initialize each Ad network according to their instructions.

If anyone using FAN you should also use another network for backfill because FAN doesn’t show ads without facebook app installed and user logged in AFAIK…

That’s true, in some way. I quote:

Contrary to popular speculation, the Facebook login ID will not be the key connector to retarget users between mobile apps on the network. In other words, mobile app users are not required to be logged into apps using Facebook in order to received targeted ads through the network. Rather, Facebook will compare device IDs and data points with other app developers to find common users, which will identify which apps are installed on a user’s device.

So I wouldn’t be afraid of using FAN, even tho, nowadays, everyone should be using some mediation tool with multiple ad networks.

Server to server mediation does not need anything in the code i think. it just need ad unit configuration in admob mediation dadhboard.

Custom adapter only need such arrangenents i think.

Please correct if i an wrong.

As far as I know AbMob does not provide server to server mediation. If that would be the case, you wouldn’t need to integrate the Facebook Audience Network jar.
I can clearly see the the facebook classes on client side communicate with the facebook servers.

Correct the Facebook adapter sucks. The CustomEventBanner I wrote fixed that. You simply add it in admob mediation to work.

Simply turn it on with admob optimizing itself and it will auto backfill FAN when.

I disabled FAN in banners for now though. The eCPM is all over the place which makes it difficult to mediate. The RPC is about 2.5-3 times higher but the CTR is about 1/3 of what I get with admob.