AdMob Mediation can supposedly up your earnings by 150+%


I’m just wondering if anyone of you guys has seen these two interesting articles:

Part 1: Inside AdMob: Lowdown: How to Optimize Mediation for your App Part 1
Part 2: Inside AdMob: Lowdown: How to Optimize Mediation for your App Part 2

Developer in the case study was able to up his earnings by 175% by only tweaking their ad network mediations.

I didn’t try this yet, but it would be interesting to hear some experiences, if you have any.


I don’t see anything about increase revenu by 150-175% there?

It’s in the PDF case study - Part 1.

Bump. Anyone?

not a lot of people seems to use it… We are going to test it in the next weeks so we will know pretty soon

Please let us know how it goes. I too am very eager to try AdMob Mediations, but there are still a few things, that I need to clear of my to-do list first.

Those are network in admob mediation: AdMob, AdColony, AdFalcon, AMoAd, AppFlood by Papaya Mobile, Domob, Flurry, i-mobile, InMobi, JumpTap, LifeStreet, MdotM, Millennial Media, MobFox, Nend, TapIt, and

There is no Appnext, Adbuddiz, Mobilecore…

Which mediation do you recommend? Is it working as described? Highest bid wins… Is there any lags during making request?

Most of the ad networks in admob mediation are dead. i do not understand what proud admob feel to piggyback them.

I had tried adfalcon 1 year ago.
Believe me it was even difficult to understand their email and replied me only once in return of my 10+ mails.

and their mail content was “we will contact you soon”

till date they did not contact me.neither for newsletter also. Though i have registered my mail on their site.

Any idea which ad network is good for arabic countries excluding admob??

Any news on this? Thanks.