Admob low ecpm May

Since second of May my Admob ecpm almost halved, but other networks stayed strong, did you guys experienced similar Admob ecpm drop?
Im using Appodeal for mediation.

have a small fall 10%

Startapp fall from 0.15$ ecpm to 0.04 ecpm in may. Getting worst ecpm in 4 years from startapp.
I think startapp is not now trustable ad network.

Every time after the fall I read such messages:)

Anyone experience a drop in earnings? My overall CPC is very low, around €0.02, also the RPM is not that good - €0.46. Usually both are about double that amount, don’t know what happened. How are your stats?

RPMs on an upturn for me this month!

yes, now admob has the best ecpm this year

what is your ecpm ?