Admob Intrestial CTR is High

Hi Friends Can any one help me.

My Interstitial ads CTR 6.79% whats should i do ?

Impression -43,463

It is normal? or admob have any issue?

I show ads after 40 second when button press.

Please help me

can any one please share admob interstitial ads CTR?

It is 2.50-4.50%

You could check CTR by country. If a specific country has a CTR of above 10%, it would be a good idea to report that to Admob.

Thanks for reply

I also filtered country wise but some country have 20% to 50% but impression is very low for those country like 1-5.But my mostly Traffic from India and Interstitial CTR is 6-7% constant for 4 days and banner is 0.51-0.60%