AdMob interstitial poor performance

Hello all.

Due to the fact that AdMob interstital ads are now available to all I’ve decided to give them a try. My app show an interstital ad on startup. I’ve 2.5k impression and 0-2 clicks… I’m wondering if this is something with my application or do just AdMob interstitals suck? I’m also using ChartBoost interstitals and they give my about 7.5k impressions and 30-40 clicks (not stunning but still way better then AdMob). My app is an normal tool application (not a game). Any opinions or suggestions?

This application has also AdMob banner ads and there performance is quite satisfing. I’m having about 60-70k impresions and 15-20$ of revenue.

Not sure if showing an interstitial right on start-up is a good idea. People are opening your app to use it, but the first thing they see is a full-screen ad. Of course most of them(or even all) will ignore/close it and will look to begin using your app. Consider showing it after some time or between switching activities, or on exit(still kinda risky).

I suggest you add different ad networks interstitials to your game and cycle through all of them. It would be best if you could get your game to connect to a file on your server where you specify which ad network to use for interstitials. That way you will be able to change the network without updating your game on GP.

Admob interstitals have click through rate of 10% for our apps. Looks like you have something wrong.

I also would think this,except my launch interstitials are my best performers with Admob. Maybe users are more susceptible to these ads at start-up because they aren’t engrossed in anything at that time, whereas once they start using some features of the app or game they might be too engrossed to want to click on ads.
Just my thoughts.

So if I understand you correctly, you’re showing interstitials at startup and the performance is good? I’ve decided to show my interstitials at startup, because I’ve found some tip on ChartBoost or RevMob page that advised to do so… Anyway I’m going to try showing interstitials between activity switches and I’ll report back if that helps or not (maybe interstitials aren’t good for my app?).

Also I was wondering if could be caused by the fact I’m showing both banners and interstitials. Maybe it’s to much and users ignore interstitals as a form of protest?

Yes you understand me correctly :slight_smile:

How do you see the CTR for Admob Interstitials - while I can see the Clicks and CTR for Admob Banner ads, that info is 0 and 0% respectively for Admob Interstitials (I am using Admob mediation with Admob Interstitials also).

I am using the old Admob - new one not available in my location yet.

EDIT: ok, I can see the Clicks / CTR info from the Sites & Apps screen - however under Mediation, while banner ad “Reporting” shows Clicks / CTR, for interstitial ads, that info is 0 / 0%

I think this question has been asked (and answered ?) in other threads before, but just rehashing here - I assume you load in onCreate() and then show onResume() - if that is the case, is that sufficient time to have ad available (for those on WiFi ?).

I load in onCreate and then call once my loading dialog has been dismissed. Even on mobile data the ad is always ready by that time. Most of my apps do take a few seconds to load up though as they are typically resource heavy, giving the ad a bit of time to load. If you have near instant load times then your mileage will mostly likely vary, I would imagine.

I’ve tried to show interstitals randomly to activity changes but the permormance sucks as it did:(
Thus I’ve decided to dump interstitals…