Admob interstitial open to all (officially)

Just received the mail:

In our commitment to continue to deliver best-in-class ad units, we are launching the CPC interstitial ad unit to all publishers. CPC interstitial ad units provide another high impact ad format for advertisers to drive user acquisition and benefit users by providing a rich and engaging ad experience.

Salient points:

  1. Implement interstitials upon your app’s launch, and natural breaks in the app experience, such as level completion, or after 10-20 interactions
  2. Don’t exceed five interstitial ad units per user per session.

I am interested to know what if I show more than 5 interstitial per user per session.

Yeah, I just received that email also, but Im a little confused.

Did something change? Is it a new Interstitial? Do I have to do anything to “enable” this new version?

Google dev emails are always unclear. Wtf is that topic “For publishers who have migrated to Monaco”?? I wish I was living in Monaco!! :wink:


At a guess:

Considering AdMob seems to ban devs over banner placement, I definitely wouldn’t put it past them.

I also received the same mail today.But when i clicked on the link given. It states that new AdMob has not been rolled out for India, so we can’t use that feature i guess.

Monaco in the title was hilarious. For a moment I thought they think I moved there. The 5 times limit is scary.

Do you think guys, is it good for google to show interstitial at the exit of the app?


I received two emails:

  1. Subject “For publishers who have migrated to Monaco”, content begins with “Hi Google AdMob Developer!” (10 hours ago)
  2. Subject “Increase Your AdMob Revenue with CPC Interstitial Ads”, content begins with “Hi AdMob Developer!” (4 hours ago)

Email content is similar.

I guess everybody received those 2 emails :slight_smile:

My 2 cents: I don’t think the 5 ads per session is an official guideline, rather a recommendation to avoid spamming Playstore users (Google’s objective). I suppose you can show 100 interstitials per session without violating official guidelines, but you will probably have very bad reviews. Again this is just my thoughts

lol @ rottz :smiley: I wish it too!

Is there a way to limit interstitial ads to only 5 sessions? I’ve hired a programmer who is making a very simple sliding puzzle game for me and I was planning to show a interstitial every time the user would tap on the Gallery button. However, this could exceed the 5 session limit.


yes you can use sharedpreferences. you hired freelancer from odesk? How much are you paying for it?