AdMob incredibly high CTR in one day from ZZ - somebody sabotaging my account??

I have noticed an incredibly high CTR on my AdMob account from a country with the abbreviation ZZ (according to a Google search, this means an unknown region/country). This happened only on one day and it appears that it was related to almost consecutive ad impressions. I hardly ever get CTR above a single digit so I am worried that someone may be trying to sabotage my account and get me banned by Google.

Has anyone ever experienced something like this? How do I approach this problem? Should I just smile and consider it as my lucky day or should I contact Google about it?

I don’t know where you saw the ZZ code because the admob site is a mess to navigate, but I’m seeing this too. A 64% CTR from unkown in the past 72 hours. In the months before this it was only .6% CTR.

All the clicks are for about .01$ as far as I can tell. Welp, at least now we’ll be able to join the “admob banned me for no reason club” soon.

There is already a thread for this: