Admob Icome suddenly decreased

Hello Guys,
I am new here and want your help. I have two engaging Android apps, published in Google Play. I was making almost $20 daily till December.
But from January 1 CPC rate started decreasing to $0.03 - $0.04 and now it is just $0.01-0.02. I don’t know why clicked decreased from about 300/day to 30 clicks per day.
Income in 1st January was just $13 when it came to $10 yesterday it was $3 and today it is just $1.17. CPC, Click both are getting down and down. Can you figure out why this is happening?


I had a decrease in the CTR (Click-through rate) during the Christmas week, probably due to a decrease in the download rate (I think old users are more used to the ads and don’t pay attention to them). In January I had a decrease in the RPM too, but it was expected: most companies spend their budget in December, when people tend to spend more. I had the same decrease the last year.
What worries me is that the RPM is almost the half respect to January of the last year, that’s why I’m thinking about to change ad network.

Doyou feel it will be alright fromFebruary and I can get approx same CTR?

I don’t know what to say. In my case the CTR went up again to the value before Christmas, just because the daily downloads went up again. Check if there’s the same relation in your case as well.
I’m more worried about the CPC. After January 2018 it didn’t go up to the same values of 2017 and this month my revenue will be the same of the last year, even if the number of click is doubled.

I found this article about the ad trend.

“many app publishers are experiencing monetization issues. In particular, our survey found that 54 percent of app publishers and developers have seen their ad revenues decrease or remain stagnant over the past 12 months.”

Well, these issues may be the result of bad ad optimization and the type of your app.

I have a game app for children 9-14 and app downloads increased by 250% during christmas holidays - as children were on holiday these days.
I use a combo ofEpom Apps for app monetization and Appgrow for data monetization, and my eCPMs are $1.98 for USA

Have you tried experimenting with ad formats and monetization platforms?

I’ve used Admob since I published my app. I have a banner and some interstitials. The most performing is the one after the splash screen. This are the yearly average eCPMs from United States:
interstitials 14.16
banner 0.68

interstitials 17.33
banner 0.93

interstitials 9.37
banner 0.57

But most user are from south America.
I was thinking that the problem can be due to the Admob consent library I used when GDPR was introduced. An early version of the library forced me to use only 12 ad provider and I haven’t updated it to the new version. I will update it to the next app version and see if CPM go up.
However I’m interested to use ad mediation and I was thinking to try Appodeal.

Appodeal is a decent option, I now use Epom Apps and Appgrow for data monetization.

I now have eCPMS for US that start with

interstitials $12,5
smart banner $ 1,6
rewarded video $3,2

I updated the app, but I haven’t experienced a significant increase in the CPM.
I found another article about ad trend.