AdMob fill rate dropped to 80%!

Hi guys,
in the last days I’m seeing an horrible decrease in AdMob fill rate, localized in the USA.
I’ve always had a 98% fill rate, instead from tuesday I have a dropdown for United States from 98 to 76%, globally dropped from 98 to 90%.
Requests per day are the same, I have decreased impressions (obviously) and a costant number of clicks, with an increasing CTR (around 0.9% in thursday).
Having the same clicks and revenue, I didn’t worried too much, reporting errors I thought. But since tuesday and still no corrections, and only in the USA?

Am I the only one experiencing this problem? What do you suggest to do?
Thank you

I am still getting fair fill rates from them ~99%…I have had days when they went down to 90%…But came back after a couple of days
but 80% still too low !
I suggest you wait for a couple of days and if it dosent get better submit a ticket or two to clear its not a reporting problem…
In the meant time you can also try mediation to request from other networks or run house ad from right now…why waste requests…

Did u set floor ecpm?

Or turned off adsense fill?

I don’t know even how to do it :slight_smile:
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