Admob f**ked by this famous app

Would you also do something like this. Search for the keyword “apkshare” on play store and the first app is (in India):

Here is what you get to see in app settings:

Settings Screen (see item about crazy ads)

Clicking crazy ads opens this. wtf???

The app will just get banned by Admob?

IDK if that is an admob interstitial, but asking to click an ad is always against the ad networks TOS. Google’s AdWords are very specific and stringent, so I imagin AdMob would be too. You aren’t even allowed to say “If you find an ad interesting, click on it” or else you will be banned for click fraud.

But I have been using this app for 3 months now. Will post what happens to this app in future. My observation with google ads (including adsense) is that if there are a lot of clicks, then only google opens it eyes.

yeah there is no way Google can catch this without a red flag such as a complaint or excessive clicks