Admob: estimated earnings

I integrated my apps with admob and have reached the limit for payment, but I’m a little confused with the “estimated” part.
Like… do they cut some percentage of the estimated earnings in the end of the month? How much is that percentage in average?
I have never clicked on my own ads… so I’ll be a little surprised if the percentage is high.

Clicking your own ads won’t increase the percentage but will get you banned :slight_smile:

I didn’t notice them cutting any of my payments so far, I received what was estimated in the first place.

Yeah you never see the cut they take. All the revenue you see is what you are earning.

They use the term “estimated” because things may be subject to change due to things like click fraud or invalid reporting etc.

The final payout is usually exactly what the estimated earnings are, at least on my end anyway.

Actually since new admob they show the cut in the transactions section. At least I see some dollars removed for “bad traffic”. Not much fortunately.

I would rather get my earnings cut a little than get my account banned all together. so far in my case, they paid what was estimated, nothing less.