Admob Estimated Earnings Drop

yesterday night i have Estimated Earnings as $491 now Today Estimated Earnings is $479 . why my estimated earnings decreased?

It’s like they are deducting every hour every few minutes from this February month’s earning. …
Anyone knows what’s going on?

Hi, pramoth. This is Turmin from Mobvista. I think you can try on another ad network at the same time. Mobvistasdk is compliant with admob sdk, you can integrate the two sdk at the same time to try to maximize your revenue. If there is anything you need to help, please feel free to contact me [email protected] Thank you :slight_smile:

Same with mine. And it is getting worse with every minute. Anyone knows what up?

I think its a problem with admob, some days ago there was the reporting problem in admob. :frowning:
The same problem is happening to me also. They cut almost $15 from my estimate earning. Surely Admob is becoming worse. Kuttar bachcha gula Khali money churi Kore.
I will surely leave Admob if they will continue doing this terrific work on me. :frowning: :frowning:

I would actually stay with them, since they do terrific things to us?!