Admob eCPM Score

What is your admob ecpm score during the last 28 days. Mine is $0.81
Please look into your admob console and post your ecpm score here.

Please specify the ads format as well.

My Ads types are Native+Interstitials+Banners

  • Admob overall CTR is 0.25%
  • Admob overall CPC is $0.05
  • Admob overall RPM is $0.13

Using Only Banner & Interstitial admob ads.

Admob native advanced:-
impression ctr: 1.24%
impression rpm: $0.51
match rate: 99.90%

admob interstitial:-
impression ctr: 2.44%
impression rpm: $2.50
match rate: 96.93%

admob banner:-
impression ctr: 0.94%
impression rpm: $0.33
match rate: 78.60%

CTR: 0.88%
RPM: $0.37

this is banner only

Request other silent listeners to share your stats too. It might rest many of our souls in peace considering the fact that many of us are affected.

Admob overall with banners and Interstitials:

Average CTR 0.41%
CPC is $0.03
RPM 0.08$

I have been getting emails from Epom mediation network. Thinking about trying out Epom or Appodeal. Does anyone have experience with them? Confused between those 2. I had tried out Appodeal when it was released but the SDK was buggy and causing memory leaks, so I left it out at that time.

Not tried Epom.
But yes these days i am hearing positive feedback about below mediation networks. Can try them.

  • Fyber
  • Appodeal
  • Alphagreval

@ggc Please share your ecpm. eCPM is automatically calculated. see your admob console. Pls

I have selected OPTIMIZED option in the admob settings for my ad units, So it shows the “Real Time eCPM” under that tab and no other value.

Any other way to find out the eCPM?

IMPRESSION RPM in my admob home page is $0.77 if thats what you meant

Average values in the period 2018/04/04-2018/05/03 (last 30 days)

Admob banner:
ctr: 0,61%
rpm: $0,24

Admob interstitials:
ctr: 2,41%
rpm: $3,02