AdMob eCPM Down yesterday?

Hey all!

My eCPM on AdMob dropped a lot yesterday (almost 50%)… anyone else got this? Or was it related to me/my apps only?


Probably due to your app’s performance. (less clicks)

Yeah, I updated my app this weekend, and it seems that the CTR has gone down slightly, maybe that’s the culprit. Thanks for the tip!

I have not updated the application and see the fall ePCM from December 6

Even if you haven’t updated your app, it could be that your users aren’t clicking as much.

Pull a report in Admob…do you see less clicks? Lower CTR trend?

This is what I noticed with admob with my apps. If for today i got high eCPM because of good clicks, for sure tomorrow I will get really low eCPM even if I got the same rate of clicks.

It will only be the same high eCPM or higher if the clicks are pretty much close to double of yesterday’s performance.

It’s like punishing you because you had a good performance hahaha

Well, I use admob for 4 or 5 years.
eCPM is going up and down and you cannot do about it.
Thinking you have a low eCPM a day because you had a high one the day before is just paranoïd.

If the impressions and CTR are stable, the only variable is the amount paid for a click and you cannot do anything about it.

Just try to use mediation with 2 or 3 networks more, this variable may be a little stabilized

Same for me. All depends on cost per click.