Admob disabled my app, Need another Ad network's Interstitial Ads...

Admob disabled my app. I need to find another ad network, which provide not-bad global fillrate, not-bad ecpm, not-bad reputation. I know, no ad network is better than Admob, I just want to find a stable second choice.

Which is your recent using? Just have a discussion…

check appoodeal

Can you tell us if it was interstitial and where it was in your apps?

Try Appnext, they are the best these days.

Because I use the interstitial when entry the app.

I would recommend SuperS0nic. They’re too good with Interstitial.

Try mobilecore, I like their interstitials and it’s incredibly easy to setup

can you share your statistics from supersonic if you are using it? I mean, interstitials, not offerwall or video ads

back to topic, I would also suggest mobilecore, trusted and long time in the market with weekly payments

Mobilecore sucks now with thier shitty 19 cent ecpm rates I switched to airpush and getting around $1.70 to $3.50 ECPM per app for smartwall ads, and plus you get banners and 360 ad units with them as well as PPD of .002 to .04 cents per install so you get 4 revenue streams per app with airpush, Mobilecore sucked so bad for me I was making only $19 a week on 100 apps that used to make around 200 a week but so many devs flocked to them causing them to crash and sink like the leadbolt crash of 2013. Now im back to $150 a week on those same apps with airpush. I get lots of USA Traffic so not sure why mobilecore sucked so bad for me.

Also Appnext and Revmob also both perform well for me much much better than Mobilecore these are my recomendations in this order.

  1. Airpush
    T 2 Revmob
    T 2 Appnext revmob and appnext both tied for second but revmob also has video ads and banners now.

Hi Findseven,

Have you seen the Airpush 360 abstract ads and smart wall? Our Bundle 1 SDK for Google Play also includes a pay per install ad type where you can earn up to $0.04 per new USA user install and EULA agreement opt in, in addition to the CPMs. Our ad units are easy to integrate with solid CPM and fill rate world wide.

Check out our demo here at Airpush Publisher Demo.
Shoot me a PM to chat further.


you are right, eCPM is very low in mobilecore these days. I also switched to airpush and was using MC as back fill. Airpush was delivering ~2 times more eCPM, but even after more than one month I was having 5-6k impressions on airpush and 25-28k impressions on mobilecore. So, everyone knows that airpush has very low fill rate.

The second, what is more important, I started to get complains, that there are ads without close button. It is happening all the time with airpush, so to be safe, I removed airpush smartwall yesterday. Now, only using normal banners from airpush. (will think about adding 360 banners :slight_smile: )

@AirpushNick, the 360 banners were in another sdk. It is google compliant, right? Thinking about adding it tonight

The 360 banners are in each version of our SDK. The standard and Bundle 1 are Google Play compliant. If you want to use only the banners, pick the standard.


yesterday I added airpush 360 banners and it is amazing :slight_smile: 1.65$ eCPM. This month I had ~1 million simple banner impressions from airpush with 0.13$ eCPM, I regret that I didn’t add 360 banners before… Hope the eCPM stays that way