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AdMob disable ads at one of my apps

I just receive email: Google AdMob ad serving has been disabled to your application with explanation “As stated in our program policies, AdMob publishers are not permitted to place AdMob ads on applications that are under construction, don’t load, or have non-functioning links.”

That app work just fine and make over 500€ monthly. Can I leave that app at GP but with different advertiser? And which company you can recommend for banners?


Im also searching a cpc banner alternative with admob…

I suggest you contact Admob first and if no reply or they don’t change their mind you can leave it there on GP, no problem to use other networks

Does this mean that you had used the ad units of your live app into a app which is under development and not live on GP?

No, that app is live now but with different advertising network and before that I use AdMob banner and interstitials for over a year. I dont know what is a reason for ban.

I think understanding the reason is very important here to avoid happening same mistake again.
kindly keep posted if get the clue.

using ad units of live apps into under constructions apps is a common practice if that does this.