Admob deactivated my app help needed

Guys basically I had an app was making me £60-100 a month from adverts I am a novice and admob pulled my adverts and below is their reason but is there another advertising company I can use to get around this issue?

Our policy specialist has responded and it’s not likely your app will be re-enabled for ad serving.

Here are the violations in your app:

  1. The app contains scraped content from BBC Sports, Sky Sports, Soccer Live, etc.

  2. AdSense for Content ads on AdMob: Since you are framing HTML pages onto AdMob, we are seeing AdSense ads. Here is the policy stated on theAdMob policy page:
    We no longer allow AdSense ads to appear in mobile applications. However, with AdMob, the SDK is designed for publishers to monetize their mobile applications. AdMob partners can use this SDK to place ads in their mobile applications.

  1. Gambling: There was no gambling content found during the second review. It’s likely that one of the scraped sites had a gambling link/adand our systems detected it during the initial review of your app.


It sounds like they aren’t going to let you serve ads again. They’re hard asses over there at Google. Cut your loses and integrate Mopub to mediate between a couple different ad networks and find the one that provides the highest ROI. Good luck!

IM pretty much a novice is that hard to do?