Admob CTR too high

Hi all, I’m a newbie in admob, I added ads to my games 3 days ago but it seem the CTR too high 10% ~ 12% (I show-up interstitial banner at lauch). I fear my account will be banned soon :-(. Does anyone have the same issue please give me a way to slow down the CTR?

Check your game again. maybe you put banner at acident click place. Put banner is far from content of game.
Beside that, you should try another adnetwork for more safer. for example: startapp, they will never ban you althrough your CTR ~ 12%

I added interstitial banner at game lauch (show banner at very first of game), does this make some acident clicks?. I fear google will ban my account just because it’s CTR too high :-(. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion, but I’m using Winphone, it seem startapp not supported Windows Phone yet :frowning: