Admob: Cross-Promoting friends' apps via House Ads?

I made friends with an app developer from another country and we helped us out each other with a few things (programming/translating/whatever). Then we came to the idea that we could set house ad in our apps for each other.

My question is: is this legal according to the admob policies? No one sold a “job”, everything we did was based on our friendship, there were no conditions like “i do that when you did that”.

Greets, Alex

It’s not allowed to promote apps other than your own in admob house ads.

Good that you pointed this out - common sense suggests it maybe ok to do so - but the restriction you mention is valid I think …

So solution is to use mopub or some other mediation platform ?

You could use one of the other platforms - like appflood to do interstitials that lead to a URL (market:// url for your friend’s app).

There really needs to be an allowance for this type of informal cross-promotion which is effortless - when apps are using Admob mediation they will be slow to change to another mediation platform.

So really the most popular mediation platform (for banner ads) SHOULD be one which supports cross-promotion between developers out of the box.

Right now if you approach a developer for such cross-promotion they may not have the platform integrated which supports this.

If mopub is acquiring a reputation as the go-to place (alternative to admob) - then do they support such use ?

I know that appflood and some of the developer cross-promotion sites do provide ability to link to a url (I think appflood or playhaven etc.).
However they may not have the mainstream banner ad mediation platforms (that mopub may have).

Any ideas ?