Admob CPI

Just wondering if anyone advertised their app through admob banner or interstitial and what kind of results are realistic? I know its PPC but from CPI stand point, what numbers should I be looking at for a free app?

Adomb banners offer CPC campaigns and CPA (cost per action) campaigns. CPA are available after there is enough data from a running CPC campaign. From my experience, spending around $20-$30 on a CPC campaign is enough to enable the change to a CPA campaign.

For CPC, the average cost per install for my game was around $0.5. Once I was able to change it to CPA I was getting downloads for around $0.25. I was targeting Western Europe, USA, Australia and was getting around 30 installs per day.

thanks, thats exactly the stats I was looking for. 0.25 per install is pretty good!

Yes, $0.25 is not bad but you only get that after going with a CPA campaign. Please post here how much money you had to spend for the CPA to become active.

yes toxic if you do go ahead, do post the average amount required for CPC for moving to CPA