Admob Changing Past Revenues

Hey all.

My revenue for yesterday on AdMob was reduced by around 30% a few minutes ago. I had never noticed, and am afraid it might be happening to a lot of other past days which I thought were “closed” already, but it seems that they change (even worse, reduce) the revenue of past days.

Is this a normal thing? Has it happened to anyone else specifically regarding yesterday?


Which Admob are you using? I am on the new Admob and all data is remaining consistent and unchanged once the day is complete.

Im on the old Admob I think, will migrate to the new one now.

But apparently the data is consistent (or mostly) and unchanged every day. Sometimes it increases slightly on the middle of the next day (5% or so). I just noticed now because it was a huge reduction (20-30%).

To migrate to the new AdMob is it a 5-step process that I have to retype all my info again (address, bank info, etc)? It seems that I am creating a new account… maybe I am on the wrong form?

my yesterday revenue was 107$ from 5 mins ago it went down to 77$ o.0 i’m on the old admob how do you guys upgrade ?

Yesterday must have been a mistake. I’ve also noticed a drop - but before the drop it was strangely high.

agree with you it was my first time to hit 107$

If you can’t see an upgrade notice on your dashboard then you’ll have to wait. Google are phasing it in gradually.

well the last few days have been a bit wonky with the old admob. things not updating for half a day, little odd glitches of data jumping around.

So i took the plunge and upgraded to the new system. Wasn’t that painful. Just waiting for all the data to start showing up now instead of all the zeros showing nothing. I guess that takes a few hours so i will have to calm my OCD of checking every hour for a bit.

From the Help I could get to a form that seems to be the Upgrade form, but to me it looks like a Sign Up form, so I didnt proceed.

yes it appears like you are signing up for admob all over again. but it will ask if the email and account are the right one you want to sign up with. the banner at the top will tell you when to import your data and when to update your payment details and profile info. If it didnt change then you dont have to update, just go into the settings screen to see if its still right.

This also happened to me, my earnings last night was around $60 and now fell to $41 ugh :confused:

My estimated earnings are all over the place. Is anyone else seeing zero clicks or am I looking in the wrong place?


I will try the upgrade tomorrow. I changed the Google email associated with my AdMob account a few hours ago, but I just received an email of AdMob on my old account. I’m afraid that if I try to do the upgrade AdMob might be confused and do something stupid, so I will wait until tomorrow when all the nightly batches run and everything is correct :slight_smile: .

I am using old admob. I did see my earnings yesterday break new record and suddenly drop 30% today

Me too…Mine is reduced by around +40%…wtf !!
It went down from $140 to $88…!!
i am using old admob

It seems that this error is only happening in the old Admob? I don’t have the upgrade link. Can’t do anything now…sigh…

yeah it also decreased revenue