Admob Banner refresh rate

Just wondering, What is the best value for banner refresh rate in Admob?

For my apps I left default and one app I set 15 seconds. It appears default is best for me. Others may have different opinion.

I have had my refresh set to 60 seconds for over 6 months. Then a few weeks ago, I changed it to 30 seconds. The results were that my impressions doubled, my ecpm fell slightly at first, but is not back to about the same. The big thing is, my revenue has doubled. So I would say don’t hesitate to try a quick refresh rate.

And what is the default? 60 seconds?

For adMob I believe the default is 60 secs.

I’m testing 30 seconds on one of my apps now and it looks like it is beneficial - CTR is lower of course, but not 2 times lower while impressions doubled - so revenue should be higher.

I was quite surprised by the effect when I lowered my refresh rate. I didn’t think showing ads faster would get more clicks, but my daily earnings have almost doubled.

Really strange thing. I had 20k per day requests, 2.2% CTR in one of my games on default settings. I changed the refresh rate to 30s and… I’ve got 170k requests today with 0.2% CTR. What is going on? I switched back to default setting for now, will check if it goes back to normal.
Actually - I had it set to “Use refresh rate set in client code” - but I don’t set any refresh rate in the client code. Is it OK? I’m wondering now if I had any refresh rate before…

PS. I tested and it looks like my app doesn’t have any refresh rate - two minutes and I still have the same ad… I have to check all my games, but it’s probably only a problem with this one - it is the oldest and uses old admob SDK.
PS. Apparently more of my games have this problem or maybe there are no ads to switch to right now? If the cause is lack of refresh that might explain why I always had higher CTR than most of you guys. :slight_smile:

Yep… normal CTR for banner adverts on a 1 min refresh is 0.2 → 0.8% afaik.

Mine was default forever. After this thread I changed to 30 seconds and revenue went down.

I think the refresh rate depends a lot on how you show ads in your app. To quick a refresh on apps that only show ads on the menus and such and they might not even get a chance to click an ad that they may have wanted to.

Yesterday my revenue was back down to average it was at with 60sec refresh rate, and today it was about 25% higher than average. Thing about ads, you can’t base decisions on 1 or 2 days of testing (unless is something obviously wrong). What ads you get will differ a lot day to day or week to week, and they have alot of the affect on whether you get clicks or not. Gonna leave it at 30secs for a few weeks and will let yall know the average gain or loss.

Thanks XDebugX. Make sense. I will keep them as is for a while and see.

I’m observing the revenue after changes - in some games it works better, in some worse. I might optimise it and get higer revenue now but not much higher - for example in my main game revenue changed 5-10%.