AdMob ban

I was banned from admob some month ago, and when i go here the login form says i’m banned.

Today i tried to register again with THE SAME google account, and it logged me in in the new admob platform
How is it possible?

they will ban you in a day or two )))

In the admob control panel i can see my adsense earnings! Will they ban me also from adsense?!

You most likely just slipped through a crack, either they will catch it on during the first payment, and ban the new account. or you got lucky and you can use admob again, just dont raise any unwanted attention to your account.

i got banned from admob, made a new Gmail and added 2 numbers to the end, the rest was identical the one before it, this was about 2 years ago. i am still using the new account, made from the same IP,first/last name,and bank INFO etc…

you mean two phone numbers?

no, if my account wasa [email protected], i made it into [email protected].

In the banned account i didn’t put bank information, only paypal payments…
@haxxo: do you use admob with the same app you used with the old account?

Still waiting for ban…

Someone knows if they ban also the app package name?


I’m interested in knowing if you were banned justly or unjustly…

it was justly, but not grossly abused the TOS. i had an app with the word “sex” in it, i had been using it in admob for over a year, but then they caught on and closed my app, i made registered the app with admob, using a different title but same package name/app. it slipped amob for a few weeks, then they closed it again.

and acting like a COMPLETE idiot, i made a 3rd app with admob with the exact same info. took a few hours to get my account banned after that.

so it was justly, but i wasn’t abusing anything on admob or google, just adult oriented app.

I think i was banned unjustly, my app is a sound-board and maybe this caused a very high click rate.
I also clicked twice banners while testing (involuntary).

I appealed google 3 times, and they rejected my request every time.

I don’t know what is the effective reason why i was banned… (on login form says invalid clicks etc.)

They know exactly what are my devices linked to google account, why don’t they whitelist them automatically?

Anyway google has very rigid rules for developers, i understand that they have to mantain an high quality service for their advertisers, but this is insane…

I’ve an adsense account from 2011 and i played well for all this years, why should i stop now with admob? Why ban a developer for ever? Anyone can change mind over the years
@haxxo: are adult oriented app not complained by google tos? What did login-form show in the banned account?

google TOS is fine with adult apps, admob however has a strict no adult orientated apps or advertising (yet somehow i still get tons of BS dating scam website ads).

i dont recall 100% what happened when i logged in with my banned account, either it said “Account has been disabled” or it just kept redirecting me to log-in again each time i used the banned account.

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